Individual Therapy

Choosing to work with a therapist may be one of the biggest, bravest and most revolutionary decisions you can make for yourself. Ultimately, therapy is about transformation.

None of us escapes experiences of shame, anger, fear, loss and grief. Often, one can have many of these experiences yet not know the negative impact they have on daily life, relationships and sense of self. Despite your best efforts at practicing self-awareness, thinking positive thoughts, gratitude journaling and trying to convince yourself that you’ll be fine, you feel stuck.

Choosing the best therapist to help you unravel what’s got you stuck or feeling anxious is a big damn deal!

I have worked with many clients in individual therapy, helping them to resolve issues of anxiety, depression, physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse, and more.

Fifteen years being a therapist has taught me that only using talk-based, cognitive approaches is extremely limiting in the unraveling and healing process.A great deal of research suggests that including the body in therapy leads to more beneficial outcomes.


Transforming lives one nervous system at a time

What my tagline means is that I work with clients not just from a cognitive or talk-based approach but at the body level as well, deep down in your nervous system.

So often, what holds people back from living their best lives isn’t that they suck, but that their nervous systems have forgotten how to self-regulate.

Your body’s biological capacity to maintain balance is called Self-Regulation.From your nervous system’s perspective, which operates in tandem with states of arousal and settling, it means that one state doesn’t dominate over the other.Self-regulation is basically your body’s ability to recover from high states of stress and come back into a place where you feel more settled or grounded.

When your system is regulated, you feel curious, grounded, open, present and flexible in your responses to life’s stressors. And when you feel dysregulated, stuck in too much arousal (anxiety) or shut down (depression), this really keeps you from living your best life.

All clients who come to work with me have some form of a dysregulated state. One of the primary goals of our work together is to help your nervous system come back into regulation so that you can move forward in your life in meaningful ways.

I have seen the power, in myself and in my clients, of what happens when self-regulation is restored and honestly, it is nothing short of miraculous!


In our work together

From the very first session, we are going to enlist your body as a powerful and wise ally in your transformation journey, this is the definition of Somatic Therapy.

You will learn things like how to:

  • get grounded and orient to pleasurable sensations in your body as anchors to keep you in present time
  • track the rhythms of your nervous system,
  • listen to the language of your body so that you can be more response-able,
  • implement somatic and cognitive skills to increase your capacity for regulated states,
  • and eventually, trust your body to guide you through your daily life such that you feel more states of flow and ease.

If you are curious about engaging in Somatic Therapy and committed to deep healing work for your transformation, call now to schedule your free 45-minute consultation to see if we are a good fit to work together.